To Protect, Conserve and Manage

From climate change to biodiversity conservation, environment affairs is a matter concerning everyone, everyday.


To monitor and evaluate activities which significantly affect the environment.


Manage projects relating to biodiversity, conservation, Pa Enua (Outer Islands), research and data collection.


The National Environment Service applies stewardship to the planning and management of the environment and natural resources in the Cook Islands.


Environment Act 2003 and associated regulations are in place to manage environmental matters in the Cook Islands

The National Environment Service is established to protect, conserve and ensure the Cook Islands environment is managed sustainably.

Our cultural identify is deeply rooted in our environment and it is part of our heritage and legacy that must be passed on to future generations of Cook Islanders. 

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Recent Projects

Montreal Protocol
(MP) Project

The MP Project aims to phase out Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) & phase down Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which are man-made chemicals harmful to the our environment and health.

UNEP support the Cook Islands compliance with the control measures, implementing activities and other obligations under the Montreal Protocol.

Ridge to Reef
(R2R) Project

The R2R Project aimed to enhance the effective mainstreaming of biodiversity in key sectors, including terrestrial and marine resources, agriculture and tourism to mitigate threats within production landscapes.

R2R applied an integrated approach to enhance the Cook Islands’ capacities to sustainably & effectively manage protected areas and landscapes at local scales.

Minamata Initial Assessment (MIA) Project

The MIA Project is an opportunity to determine the Cook Islands national capacity to implement the Minamata Convention on mercury.
Key components of this project include conducting a national mercury inventory, a legislative gaps analysis and an institutional gaps analysis, which will be presented in a final project report with recommendations for further action.

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Latest News

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Cook Islands Biodiversity

To monitor and evaluate activities which significantly affect the environment.





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